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The Easter Bunny of WarpForce

(Note) This Story Contains Forms of Transformation, Scalies, Futuristic/Scantilous Clothing, Online Game and Movie References, and BUNNIES. AND EGGS.
If you dislike any of these elements, please disregard this story and leave. The last thing we want is for someone to rage at an innocent writer who just wrote what he felt like writing.

Hop Characters and Places © to Universal Studios
WarpForce and anything from WarpForce is © to Artix Entertainment and

Space...a vast infinite place of ever growing mystery, where anything can happen, and anything can be discovered. It was there that Rikkinity, a female Drakel, and official member of Warp Force, a group a space rangers assigned to protect the universe from a fearful enemy called The Network, was on a scouting mission to Earth, where Queen Pra'Mithia and Admiral Amada have tracked an immense source of power on a specific area there. Rikkinity was recruited to claim this power to use for WarpForce before The Network senses it and claims it to use against them.

Rikkinity touched down nearby the source of the power signal. She looked around to cover some ground. What she found out was that the place was closely related to bunnies, given the bunny tikis and such. "Hmm...I'm not detecting anything..." Rikkinity said to herself, then suddenly ducked as she noticed something weird, thinking it to be a Network Ship. She peeks a look, but finds nothing... "That's weird..." She then suddenly felt something prick her. It turned out to be a tiny dart that was blown at and struck Rikkinity between her eyes. She barely had time to contemplate it before everything went dark and she lost consciousness...

"Uggghhh...that wasn't nice..." Rikkinity said as she regained consciousness and found herself in a foreign area. "Huh...wh...where am I...and where are my weapons?!" Rikkinity also finds that she's been stripped of her beam spear, her Lightning Gauntlet, and even her Battlesuits too. She's been left to only her default WarpForce suit, and all the features it had were all disabled. She was defenseless, but there doesn't seem to be anything of any threat to her anyway.

Rikkinity covered some ground more but didn't get much info about her surroundings. Then a light appeared, showing a plaque and a picture of two people, a drumming bunny and a...kinda quirky looking Human. She examined it...

"This plaque is to honor the many years that E. B. and Frederick O' Hare have led Easter, and brought great pride to future generations of Easter Island. We hope that future generations who see this plaque remember the great actions these two co-Easter Bunnies have performed for Easter, and learn from their actions as well. Signed, The citizens of Easter Island."

Rikkinity read the plaque and looked around. "Easter....could this actually be--" She stopped her thoughts and looked around after hearing some combat yelps, similar to wannabe ninjas. Then another light was show, revealing a powerful looking sceptre, with an egg-shaped jewel on the top. It was standing there like a sword in stone. Rikkinity approached the sceptre and looked at it to examine. The power contained inside felt so immense...

The Drakel girl breathed in and grabbed onto the sceptre, and felt the power flowing into her as she pulled it out. She just felt WONDERFUL after it came out of its seal. "Th...this power...! It's...feels wonderful! So mystical! So immense! So...fluffy?" Rikkinity groaned as the euphoric power she felt sudden;y turned weird. She felt her scales suddenly turning into very fluffy fur all over her body. She panted as she felt her feet grow large, ripping out of their shoes and becoming partly lapine as well. She clenched her teeth as her two top front fangs grew and showed to be sharp buck fangs now. She clutched her head as two large and long ears grew from her head, being long enough to reach just above her butt. She groaned again as her tail curled up to form a fluffy puff ball where her long tail was...though it could curl out to become long and draconic again. Before she could look on as it seemed the body changes ceased, she looked at the sceptre and saw it sparkling. The sparkles flew around her Warp Force suit, and it glowed, altering its shape and looks. What it became was reminiscent of the outfit of a Playboy Bunny Girl, only with protective and futuristic alloy that stretched and felt oh, so nice on your body. She found her large feet into a nice high heel fit for a half bunny such as her. The gloves with cuff links on her hands were special gauntlets that could blast powerful rays and Easter Egg Grenades easily. You certainly would not expect a playboy bunny girl to be this stacked with weapons and still look so sexy.

Rikkinity blushed at how she looked, then suddenly, she saw the entire place spring to life. It was just amazing...several Easter candies was being made, chocolate bunnies, Hershey Kisses, marshmallow peeps, you name it, it was there, being made by the,, MILLIONS. Suddenly, the sceptre sparkled again and this time the sparkles went to her head. Rikkinity gasped, as the sceptre was actually transferring its history of past Easters, from start to right now. But what was really important was the Easters a few generations after E.B.'s and Fred O' Hare's reign. Rikkinity clenched her teeth in comtempt, as every Easter since then, The Devourer and his troops attacked Easter Island over and over again, to get the Egg Scepter of Destiny, but they failed each and every time. Until last Easter, when they came and destroyed everything...but then, everyone seemed to pick up the pieces, repair, and improve. The Easter Bunny from that time, unfortunately, did not survive long from The Devourer's attack, and they've been without one for a while. Only the Pink Berets were there to defend Easter Island...

...Until now. Rikkinity held the Egg Scepter of Destiny with pride, as the Pink Berets, which have well grown from being only a trio to an entire army, reappeared from the shadows and bowed to the third Drakel Easter Bunny. There were two others but Rikkinity doesn't know their names, unfortunately. They were awesome Easter Bunnies. Rikkinity then saw the Easter Sleigh fly and land next to her. It seems to have significantly changed, with the parts of the ship she came in that were extracted, thanks to the Pink Berets. Rikkinity smiled as she walked into the Sleigh, along with some of the Pink Berets. It's time for the Warp Force to gain a few new members, and for The Devourer to see what vengeance bunnies can give...

...After Rikkinity spreads out Easter Eggs all through the universe at WARP SPEED!!!!



Rikkinity browsed the Quest Shop after finishing this... "Hmmm...could I get the Egg Scepter of Destiny, dammit! One level away from getting it! Oh well, I'll have to deal with a the Bunny Girl Suit Z, Upgraded Easter Gauntlets, and some other stuff...oh! I could get a Pink Beret as a pet! Nice!"
Whew! It took a long while to get this done in one day, but here it is! My Easter Submission of '11! Here, I decide to give my WarpForce character, Rikkinity, and entrance over here. X3 She would make a pretty awesome Easter Bunny, wouldn't she? Happy Easter Everyone!

Warp Force to Artix Entertainment
Hop Characters and Locations to Universal Studios
Rikkinity the Easter Drakel Bunny to :iconrikkitheblackfox:
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